Gürkan Şahinbaş , so I was born in 23 June 1992 in Istanbul. Since that day, I’ve become a person who is full of life and constantly trying to discover something. Beside of my discovery, I’ve tried to understand people and find out how to suits their perceptions. I mean, I’m talking about your brand identity, your logo, or any other ad design that identifies you. I would say that “I think as your customer and I know the best way how to influence them exactly.”

I studied “Photography and Graphics” at high school (Şükran Ülgezen AML).

After that I continued to improve myself at university and studied “Graphic design” (İstanbul Aydın University)

Finally, I realized that taking a photo was a passion for me. Design is essential as a breath. That’s why I’ve chosen this way to serve you as the best doing.

Product packaging design
Logo / Corporate Identity Design
Catalog design
Social media visual design
Animated image design (gif and video)
Mobile Application Design
Website visual designs (Icon, banner and web design)
Web site management
Social media management
Product photo shoots

After Effect
Premiere Pro


Web design; Personal and Corporate Web Site Design, as well as visualization of pages, opening, load times and search engine optimization is very important for google rankings. For SEO, search engine optimization, your site needs to be designed and coded in accordance with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

Thanks to my many years of experience in this field and your invaluable feedback, I have developed myself and I am excited to serve you.

* Professionalism and Responsible Service

As a freelance designer, I act with the awareness and responsibility of my service. When designing a Web Site or Graphic Design, I act as the owner of the brand you are responsible for and think like your customer and think erek how do you affect your customers in the best way ”. I think that’s exactly what made me succeed.